Bruce is happy to accept commissions from around the world for works both large and small, in original style or as part of a restoration. Please call or email Bruce to discuss your requirements.

The examples below include some of Bruce's larger commissioned works. Click an image to see the Galleries for more detail:

  • A bas relief featuring Australian and Scottish flora, titled the Bingham Panel.
  • A restoration project on a large antique glass case which had lost much of its original decorative artwork over the years. The recreated pieces are shown before staining. A series of photographs relating to this project are included in the galleries.
  • Fully-carved panels, turned spindles and hundreds of other details for an authentic recreation of a full-sized Gypsy Ledge Wagon.
Bruce Weier bas relief of Australian and Scottish flora

Bruce Weier with restored glass case

Bruce Weier carved details on Gypsy Ledge Wagon