About Bruce Weier Woodcraft

Bruce Weier was aware of the versatility of wood from his early years as a carpenter and building designer. It was a natural progression for him to be attracted to wood carving and turning, first as a hobby and then as a career. From around 1985 the creation of beauty in wood began to consume his waking hours. While Bruce is frequently occupied working on commissions from around the world, he still finds time to create original signature works in his quest to release the varied flora and fauna hidden with each piece of wood.

The creations of past masters such as Grinling Gibbons and Tilman Riemenschneider influenced his formative years. Bruce's strongly held philosophy has always been that a craftsman can continue to expand the knowledge and skill of a chosen craft by constantly learning from the works of the old masters. Well-prepared sketches are the foundation of Bruce's effective style.

In terms of the material used to realise his creations, the soft woods which yield their hidden beauty to a sharp chisel are Bruce's favoured medium. Well-seasoned Lime Wood/Linden, Australian White Beech, Jelutong and Huon Pine are particularly suited to the faithful rendering of fine detail. Artworks are generally finished with a fine coating of Organoil, while furniture ornamentation pieces are usually stained and polished to match the background timber colour.

Bruce's aim is to continue to create wood carvings of Australian flora and fauna in the style of Grinling Gibbons.

Bruce Weier's Woodcraft Workshop